I knew I had to photograph Port Zayed in Abu Dhabi from the minute I heard about it. The only problem would be finding the time. I was in the the United Arab Emirates photographing engagement sessions for two different clients, but I couldn't get it out of my mind. On my very last day in the UAE, I woke up well before dawn and headed over to the small fishing port. I didn't know very much Arabic, and I knew nothing about the traditional fishing methods, but I took a chance. I photographed deck hands, merchants, captains, and fisherman. After a short time I was even invited out onto a boat, not just to explore, but to go out for an entire trip. Unfortunately I had a flight to catch and couldn't stay in the middle east long enough for the adventure.


These photographs represent a different way of life. In the UAE the fisherman rely on their daily catch to feed their family. While the images may appear grotesque to some, to these fisherman it is the only experience they know.