Classic Milwaukee Wedding with Jessica and Trevor

There's just too much to say about Jessica and Trevor, and yeah I might be a little biased since she's my sister-in-law but who cares about that. The important thing here is that these are two of my favorite people, and they are absolutely perfect for each other.

I was thrilled to be a part of their wedding, especially because the talented Emmalee Luckas was coming up from Chicago to second shoot for me. She actually took over shooting during the reception, just so I could sit back and enjoy myself with the family.

The Edgewater Hotel with Alahm and Khalid

Khalid and Alahm's wedding was absolutely gorgeous! What made their wedding so unique was their blend of cultures and traditions. With both families being from Iran, they wanted to merge modern and traditional and they did it beautifully! A huge bonus I got to work with some incredible vendors who worked so hard to make their day come together. 

Intimate Ceremony in the Smoky Mountains

As soon as I hopped on Skype with Caitlin and Dan to chat about their wedding I knew I had to photograph their day. Not only do they love the outdoors as much as I do, but they were actually getting married in the middle of the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina! So obviously I was smitten.

Their day wasn't just incredible because the scenery, but their whole wedding was such an adventure. I flew out to North Carolina a few days before the wedding and I immediately started exploring. I drove and hiked all over the Smokys to find the perfect spots for us to take photos. Once I finished all the wandering, I drove out north of Asheville to meet up with a house full of Caitlin and Dan's friends who had rented a cabin in the mountains just north of the city. I had never met any of them before and immediately we all hit it off eating pizza, drinking beer, and hanging out in the hot tub. I'll be honest, I still can't believe that this is work! 

I should focus on the wedding and stop bragging about all the craziness that happens in between shoots. Just check out the photos below to see all of the gorgeousness! I can't wait to get back to the Smoky Mountains or the Blue Ridge Mountains for another shoot, there's too much to see and too much to photograph for just one weekend. 

Villa Vashon with Christina & Kevin

Christina and Kevin's wedding was the perfect mix of love and fun. The whole day was filled with some delicious food, incredible views, and some amazing time with friends and family.

Their wedding was also what got me out to Vashon Island for the first time! I biked the entire island to find the perfect spot for their Last Shot. As soon as I got to the shore on the south end of the island I knew I had found something amazing! Then came the night of the wedding and we were running low on time. We only had about an hour to drive to the opposite end of the island, get the shot and race back for the very last ferry of the day. I won't lie, we were breaking a few speed limit laws to get there! But in the end we grabbed an amazing photo! I did get to the ferry a little late, but luckily the ferry was behind schedule too and I made back to Seattle for the night.