San Francisco Engagement with Emily and Jon

How can you say no when you get a call to travel to San Francisco to shoot one crazy adventure filled engagement session! Well after talking over locations with Emily and Jon, we decided to go all out! We started with a sunrise shoot right at Sutro Baths, with a walk over to Lands End. We then met back up to head over to Marshall's Beach for sunset. This was not only one of my favorite engagement sessions ever, it was also the most gorgeous sunsets I've ever had for a photoshoot!

That's not all, check out the bottom of the post for a surprise ending!

After the engagement session I was also able to go out to Golden Gate National Recreation Area to grab some landscapes. 

There I was on the side of the road taking cityscapes of downtown San Francisco. A couple had spotted my camera equipment and they end up starting a conversation. It turns out they had just got married at city hall earlier that day! They asked if I could take a photo of the two of them, and we ended up with this beautiful portrait of them silhouetted against the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Fran Skyline!

Ashley and Alex - Oregon Coast Engagement

There's so much I love about Ashley and Alex's engagement session that I don't even know where to start! This was simply the perfect shoot in every way. Julia and I drove down to Cape Kiwanda on the coast of Oregon. We spent the whole day walking the beach with our dog Lily and hiking around. Then we grabbed some burgers and laid out on the beach until it was photoshoot time. 

As soon as Ashley and Alex arrived the sun was getting into that perfect spot. The one where you know that every photo is going to turn out just right. That every inch of the landscape is going to glow. The rest of the shoot the light only got better and better. It doesn't just take the right light in the right place to create meaningful photographs. Ashley and Alex had way of connecting in front of the camera that worked so well. See everything below! 

North Cascades National Park Engagement

Wow, Jordan and Brook were amazing! I thought it was going to be hard to convince them to come out to go snowshoeing through the Cascade mountains in Washington with me. As usual I was completely wrong, they loved the idea and were able to borrow some snowshoes from some friends and were ready to hit the trails with me. 

The most gorgeous and easily accessible trail for some mountain snowshoeing is Artist Point near Mt Baker. (here's a link to the trail information in case you're interested) It's absolutely stunning! Unfortunately we had a cloudy day, but it gave us some fresh snow so it's hard to complain too much. The biggest and by far best surprise of the day was finding an igloo!

Go through all the photos to see the whole story!