Lyndsay & Nick's Backyard Wedding

There is seriously nothing I love more than a backyard wedding! If they were the only type of wedding I ever photographed I could die as one happy photographer. There's just something about them the dynamic changes. Everyone get's more drunk, has more fun, and most importantly they dance WAY more with way less inhibitions! Of course that makes for the most hysterical photos. Emmalee and I traveled down to Peoria IL for one awesome party in Lyndsay's parents backyard.

Jossie & Steve | Ann Arbor, MI

I love everything about traveling for weddings! The road trip, the adventure, meeting all the new people, but it's always all about hunting down the perfect locations for photos. For Jossie and Steve's wedding in Ann Arbor Michigan I just couldn't settle for your everyday park. I wanted something so much more, and for about 5 maybe 6 hours Ryan Moore(my amazing second shooter for the day) and I drove all over the city on the hunt. We finally settled on this incredible wildflower field with a dirt road that cut right through it! 

On the wedding day everything was going so perfectly it was unbelievable. Then came the thunderstorms, but luckily we came up with a killer plan for that. Even with the biggest downpours I've ever seen on a wedding day we had a ton of fun and walked away with something amazing. Check it out.

Abandoned Chicago Engagement

I love to bike! You might be asking yourself why I feel the need to mention it when I should be talking about Kristin & Ryan. Well, first off what's with the attitude! You don't even need to read this, you can skip the whole thing and just look at the photos. More importantly, I love to bike. It's how I find all of these locations. This spot particularly came out of no where. I had never heard of it, never seen a single photo of this place. Then one day I was biking to Indiana, and there it was! I can't believe this spot has remained a secret for so long. 

I just happened to mention this craziness to Kristin and Ryan, and they loved the idea. We spent hours trespassing in this old and decrepit steel mill and this is what we came away with!