rialto beach

Robyn & TJ - Rialto Beach

So I'll just get this out there in the open, I am the worst about blogging! I dread it, it takes me forever to pick out my favorite images. Plus I've been a little busy, preparing for my own wedding and I've even managed to get married since my last post! 

Enough about me, let's talk about these two incredible people. Robyn and TJ are not just your everyday couple. I actually worked for Robyn right out of college and we've been arguing about all things photography ever since, in a loving way of course! But since there anniversary lined up with a trip to Seattle I convinced them to come out to Rialto Beach on the Washington coast with me. 

48 Hours On The Olympic Peninsula

With our big move out to Seattle coming at the end of the year I've been flying back and forth to the PNW nonstop. Last month I had 48 hours of free time. 48 hours where I didn't have anymore meetings and I could go anywhere and do anything! I knew I wanted to do some serious exploring.

It was my first backpacking trip to Olympic National Park about 7 years ago that made me want to move to Seattle to begin with. So I figured I'd head west to Cape Flattery for sunset, South to Shi Shi Beach and Point of Arches for a good Sunrise adventure. Then drive out to La Push, WA to run around Rialto Beach. I could wait there for sunset and the stars. (I ended up grabbing my favorite star photo to date!) That wasn't the end of the journey, I had another sunrise to see and I figured The Hoh Rainforest was the place. After that, there's the 4 hour trip back to Seattle to catch my flight to Chicago. 

I can't wait for the move in December!