Big Four Ice Caves Engagement with Maneesha and Sri

As soon as Manessha emailed me from Ohio about an engagement session in the Pacific Northwest I knew it had to be an epic location. It's not everyday that someone travels over 2,000 miles to take photos. After hearing about what they wanted I knew we had to go out to the Big Four Ice Caves! I had just been out there for the first time and I knew this easy hike blew me away. I had no idea that something so unique and so gorgeous could exist with only a few mile hike.

Just a warning: it is extremely dangerous to adventure inside of the ice caves. They are known to collapse at any time and without warning. Several people have died while breaking the rules and wandering inside these caves. At no point in the photoshoot did we go inside the actual caves.

Mt Evans Engagement with Mary Pat and Calen

This was such an incredible shoot! Actually the whole trip out to Denver was perfect. Not only did I get to visit Denver for the first time, but I hiked and camped all over Colorado with one of my best buds. Mary Pat and Calens engagement session on Mt Evans was just the start! 

North Cascades Engagement with Alahm and Khalid

Alahm and Khalid, told me how much they loved trips out to the mountains and exploring the gorgeous scenery. Of course I took that to mean that a 4 hour drive each way from Seattle, to meet up in North Cascades National Park was perfectly acceptable for the engagement session over the summer. I'd say it paid off! They look absolutely gorgeous surrounded by the incredible mountains and beautiful scenery for their adventure. I couldn't be more excited the share all of their photos! 

San Francisco Engagement with Emily and Jon

How can you say no when you get a call to travel to San Francisco to shoot one crazy adventure filled engagement session! Well after talking over locations with Emily and Jon, we decided to go all out! We started with a sunrise shoot right at Sutro Baths, with a walk over to Lands End. We then met back up to head over to Marshall's Beach for sunset. This was not only one of my favorite engagement sessions ever, it was also the most gorgeous sunsets I've ever had for a photoshoot!

That's not all, check out the bottom of the post for a surprise ending!

After the engagement session I was also able to go out to Golden Gate National Recreation Area to grab some landscapes. 

There I was on the side of the road taking cityscapes of downtown San Francisco. A couple had spotted my camera equipment and they end up starting a conversation. It turns out they had just got married at city hall earlier that day! They asked if I could take a photo of the two of them, and we ended up with this beautiful portrait of them silhouetted against the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Fran Skyline!