pacific northwest

Sarah and Clint's Larrabee State Park Engagement

Larrabee State Park isn't just any old park to Clint and Sarah. It's where Clint spent all his free time climbing on boulders and hiking around the Puget Sound. Of course when it came to their engagement session it was the only location to choose, and it was absolutely perfect! Like every fall engagement we had to dodge some bad weather, but it all worked out in the end. We had a gorgeous Pacific Northwest day, and we even had the start of fall colors on the bigleaf maples that are all over Larrabee.

Clint and Sarah's wedding is coming up in January and I can't wait! These two were so much fun to photograph, and I know there wedding will be incredible.

Jess and Steven's Seattle Engagement

This isn't Jessica and Steven's first engagement shoot, this is actually their second! For their first shoot, we snowshoed around Steven's pass at sunrise. Of course, it was absolutely gorgeous, but also absolutely freezing! For their second engagement session, we decided on something much warmer and and much closer to home. We choose Richmond Beach Saltwater Park, it's a beautiful park and it happens to be their favorite place to let their dog Bailey run around.

Shelby and Mark's Bybee Farms Wedding

I've been to some ridiculously fun weddings, but I think Shelby and Marks's takes the cake! After all, it's not everyday that a bride and a groom do a keg stand at the end of their wedding! Their wedding was so much more then that, they're the nicest and sweetest couple. All of their friends and family exemplify just who they are. I couldn't be more thrilled to be a part of their day.

I always feel so honored when asked to capture someone's wedding. it's not just that a couple trusts me to photograph them, but they trust me to help create memories that they can share for decades.

As always, thank you to all the other vendors that helped bring Shelby and Mark's wedding together! Bybee Farms,  Florist in the Foothills, Woodshop BBQ, Brian James (the best ceremony musician ever!), Chromatique Salon, and Shalonda Pequero Makeup.