north cascades national park

Diablo Lake Engagement with Zoe and Jack

Out here in the Pacific Northwest there are so many gorgeous portrait locations. (It's seriously hard to choose!) One of the easiest and most accessible mountain views is from the Diablo Lake Overlook in North Cascades National Park. Of course it's a big commute, almost 4 hours each way, but it is seriously worth it!

Usually the couples I work with love a bit of adventure for their engagement shoot. Zoe and Jack were all for taking the day off of work and they didn't even mind getting back to Seattle well after midnight. Because that's the thing with these engagement shoots. When the goal is to shoot at sunset in the mountains we could easily be out there until 9:00 or 10:00pm with the long commute back to town. Luckily for them, their starry night photo is actually a composite so they got to leave early while I stuck around to photograph the stars.

North Cascades Engagement with Alahm and Khalid

Alahm and Khalid, told me how much they loved trips out to the mountains and exploring the gorgeous scenery. Of course I took that to mean that a 4 hour drive each way from Seattle, to meet up in North Cascades National Park was perfectly acceptable for the engagement session over the summer. I'd say it paid off! They look absolutely gorgeous surrounded by the incredible mountains and beautiful scenery for their adventure. I couldn't be more excited the share all of their photos!