Anisa and Marc's Engagement - Maple Pass, North Cascades

This is by far the most adventurous engagement session I've ever been a part of! Anisa and Marc said they were up for anything anywhere! So we found this 8 mile hike with 2,000ft of elevation gain to some insanely gorgeous mountain views up in North Cascades National Park. (If you're so inclined check out WTA for hike details, Heather - Maple Pass Loop) This is now one of my favorite fall hikes of all time, but this wasn't enough for us! At the last minute I found out that The Milky Way happened to be out in full force later in the evening, and Marc and Anisa thought that was the best idea ever. So we met up in downtown Seattle to carpool up to the North Cascades. We then hiked 4 miles up to the summit, did 90% of their engagement session and then ate some delicious snack food while we waited for the Milky Way to rise. After we got this perfect photo we hiked 4 miles back to the car at night and we didn't get back to Seattle until around 4:00am!

Just a disclaimer, not every engagement session is this intense. But if you are interested in wandering through the backcountry to capture some portraits, just say the word! I'm always up for it!

High Rock Engagement with Derek and Kyler

As soon as I met with Derek and Kyler they were talking about all the traveling and adventures that they're constantly going on. So naturally when it came to their engagement session we choose an unbelievable vantage point of Mt Rainier. As soon as we saw an opening in the summer wildfire smoke we ran out to Mt Rainier National Park hiked up to High Rock where there is an incredible fire lookout cabin. Just when we got to the top clouds rolled in, but this time they added an extra bit of drama without the rain!

Rattlesnake Ledge Engagement with Sheridan and Drew

Sheridan and Drew are the best! They came all the way out to the Pacific Northwest from the east coast. Well, Drew is actually a pro baseball player. They were only going to be in town for a few days for the AAA All-Star game and their schedule was absolutely packed. Luckily we found a short break to go run around the wilderness!

Of course Rattlesnake Ledge isn't all gorgeous views and endless forest. The hike up was beautiful, but we had to take a 20 minute break at the top to let the sweat dry off and change into some more photogenic clothes. As soon as that was done we were ready to go!


Rattlesnake ledge, seattle, pacific northwest, engagement, snoqualmie, central cascades-015.jpg
Rattlesnake ledge, seattle, pacific northwest, engagement, snoqualmie, central cascades-014.jpg
Rattlesnake ledge, seattle, pacific northwest, engagement, snoqualmie, central cascades-016.jpg

Big Four Ice Caves Engagement with Maneesha and Sri

As soon as Manessha emailed me from Ohio about an engagement session in the Pacific Northwest I knew it had to be an epic location. It's not everyday that someone travels over 2,000 miles to take photos. After hearing about what they wanted I knew we had to go out to the Big Four Ice Caves! I had just been out there for the first time and I knew this easy hike blew me away. I had no idea that something so unique and so gorgeous could exist with only a few mile hike.

Just a warning: it is extremely dangerous to adventure inside of the ice caves. They are known to collapse at any time and without warning. Several people have died while breaking the rules and wandering inside these caves. At no point in the photoshoot did we go inside the actual caves.