Destination Wedding - Puerto Vallarta

I say this all the time, I need to blog more! I've had so many incredible weddings this year, but it's harder and harder to find the time to actually post them. Ever since we moved to Seattle all my spare time is spent hiking all over the Pacific Northwest and on DIY projects on our new house. Not that I'm complaining, I absolutely love it! But seriously these weddings were so much fun and I'm dying to show them off. Hopefully I can sit still long enough to get more of these published. 

Enough rambling, you have to check out Dulce and Tom's wedding from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Well that's where we stayed for the week, but the ceremony and reception were an hour boat ride away on the secluded Caletas Beach. This wedding has everything! White sand beaches, fire dancers, scuba diving, and tons of love and laughter.  

The Wedding Day

Day After