Lauren & Dallas | Lake House Engagement

When Dallas sent me an email asking if I would be interested in traveling to northern Wisconsin to shoot their engagement session I almost jumped out of my chair! These types of locations are everything I dream of for photoshoots. Their family has owned a spot in this little fishing community for decades, and every detail made me wish I could love up there! Dallas met me on this small unmarked country road and led me around to the different lakes, forests, meadows, and creeks that are in the area. It was amazing, sometimes I spend so much time in Chicago I forget just how gorgeous the midwest can be. Once we finished the location scouting we went by his cabin where we met up with Lauren and Dallas's family. Usually I like to talk about how the shoot went with the couple and of course it was amazing! But that wasn't the best part, the best part was actually at the end of the night when we finally were able to sit down and eat an amazing dinner and have a few beers. That's the way every engagement session should end, some dirt cheap beer (because I hate the expensive fancy craft beers) a great dinnerand some even better pie.

Just a disclaimer I cannot take all the credit for this photo shoot! Dallas's sister Natalie turned into my impromptu assistant and ship captain. Because as it turns out you can't take very good photos while rowing a canoe.

And I saw a turtle laying eggs in the road!