Ashley and Alex - Oregon Coast Engagement

There's so much I love about Ashley and Alex's engagement session that I don't even know where to start! This was simply the perfect shoot in every way. Julia and I drove down to Cape Kiwanda on the coast of Oregon. We spent the whole day walking the beach with our dog Lily and hiking around. Then we grabbed some burgers and laid out on the beach until it was photoshoot time. 

As soon as Ashley and Alex arrived the sun was getting into that perfect spot. The one where you know that every photo is going to turn out just right. That every inch of the landscape is going to glow. The rest of the shoot the light only got better and better. It doesn't just take the right light in the right place to create meaningful photographs. Ashley and Alex had way of connecting in front of the camera that worked so well. See everything below! 

Robyn & TJ - Rialto Beach

So I'll just get this out there in the open, I am the worst about blogging! I dread it, it takes me forever to pick out my favorite images. Plus I've been a little busy, preparing for my own wedding and I've even managed to get married since my last post! 

Enough about me, let's talk about these two incredible people. Robyn and TJ are not just your everyday couple. I actually worked for Robyn right out of college and we've been arguing about all things photography ever since, in a loving way of course! But since there anniversary lined up with a trip to Seattle I convinced them to come out to Rialto Beach on the Washington coast with me.