Christina and Jared's Salvage One Wedding in Chicago

This is my first published wedding! It was just featured on Style Me Pretty and I'm honored to be there! I still want to take the time to post it myself in the order that really tells the story of their day. Plus this gives me the opportunity to talk about my experience with the wedding and of course the couple! Every post I talk about how lucky I am. Usually I mean it in terms of the clients I work with, but it's still much more than that. I know that each of my clients are fantastic, but there's something about having a life like this. I've only dreamed about doing 2 things when I grow up. The very first grown up dream I had was becoming an astronomer. Maybe that's a bit boring for a lot of people, but I wanted to know everything about the universe and how it works- so what better way to tackle it than become an astronomer and see it all? One day I found a camera in the woods and everything changed.

I imagine that's how it was for Christina and Jared. The way they look at one another and smile you can tell that there's nothing else that matters. I remember going out for Jared and Christina's engagement photos and thinking that if their wedding is going to be anything like this, it's going to be perfect. Take a look at some of the images,  I don't think I've ever photographed a couple as head over heals in love as Christina and Jared. I mean come on... They even have their own handshake! They're the reason why I love my job. Every week I'm able to photograph a couple on one of the happiest days of their life. It constantly renews my passion for photography! I walked away from their wedding absolutely ecstatic with the images I captured, the only thing I wanted to do was shoot more! Thank you both for bringing me with on such a gorgeous day!

Jerusha and Robb's Wedding at The Ravenswood Event Center

I can't get over how great my clients are, especially Jerusha and Robb! I hear about the dreaded Bridezilla and their male equivalents all the time from friends, clients, and other photographers. It got me thinking... I haven't had a single terrible experience. I can't believe how lucky I am to work with couples that are always up for hearing about my newest locations and ideas. It doesn't seem to even matter how ridiculous the idea is, everyone trusts me do my thing. I can't say enough how truly awesome that is! For Jerusha and Robb I didn't have my normal sting of ideas like renting a sail boat or a helicopter for their portrait session (I swear I'm making that happen this year!) but what sets them apart is how they're my ideal couple to work with. Both of them were such a pleasure, laid back, hilarious and awesome, plus they even laugh at my stupid jokes! But I loved their touch on their wedding, they brought in all local people to help, none of those huge cookie cutter organizations had a hand in their wedding. We had Lynn from Pollen Floral Designs, Susie from Pear Tree Jam, and the ridiculously cool desert table was made by Sweet Table Chicago.  They did a lot on their own too, Jerusha spent months finding vintage soda's and straws for everyone to enjoy before the ceremony. Not to mention she was the one that brought everyone together in a perfect combination. Here's the images from their day for everyone to enjoy!

Oksana and Xavier's Dubai Engagement Session

Oksana and Xavier's engagement came together in one of the most random ways yet! First of all I met Oksana a few years ago when we both hopped on a plane to Israel for a Birthright Israel trip. Basically it's the best thing any Jewish kid could ask for, the organization sends you to Israel to learn more about you're heritage in the most hands on way possible. While traveling throughout the country we got to know each other a lot better and of course we've stayed in touch over the years. When I mentioned on Facebook that I was headed to Abu Dhabi to shoot Kate and Joe's Engagement Session, Oksana messaged me with her great news! It turned out she had just gotten engaged and her and Xavier were living in Dubai. It worked out perfectly, I went into Dubai and met with the two of them and we were able to run around town and get some awesome photos. I know I can't wait to make it back there to see them again and see more of the ridiculously gorgeous scenery. I was there for just over a week and there's still so much more to do. Here's some of my favorites from their session!

My Best Friend Is Married & I Brought A Camera | Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina

The title says it all! My best friend, Eric, met the love of his life, Sam, while going through training in the military. He is in the Army Reserves and she's a full time Army girl. He's the first one out of our circle of close friends to get hitched so this was pretty important for all of us. It wasn't just about Eric and Sam, that was a pretty important part, but it was also about all of us getting together for one amazing weekend at Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina. Of course I brought my camera with to capture all of the hilarious moments from the weekend. It was so much fun I can't stop laughing as I look back over the images. There's nothing like getting all of your best friends and family members together to party and celebrate for a few days. We forgot all about work and our normal responsibilities and we just loved every moment we had. That's what a wedding should be! Forget all about the details and the formalities. There's only one reason in my book to have a wedding, and it's to be surrounded by the people you love and care about. That's what I wanted to capture just the people and the moments that brought us all together. Here's a recap of the most ridiculous weekend of 2011!

We finished off the wedding day with a shot of the moon rising as the sun set.