South Carolina

Bonnie Doone Plantation, South Carolina

I barely even know where to begin! Carolyn and Patrick's weddings at the Bonnie Doone Planation in Walterboro South Carolina was ridiculous. We drove out there with only a 2 day break from our previous wedding in Boston, MA. The road trip was so much fun, but it felt amazing to pull through the gates of the plantation and see the classic southern trees covered in moss. Right away I was ecstatic to be there! There was so many possibilities and so much time for photos. It was the perfect setting for an incredible wedding. Then you have Carolyn and Pat's massive family. I actually shot Carolyn's sister's (Mandy and Jared! (You two are amazing)) wedding a few years back, and I couldn't wait to see everyone again. The whole trip was like hanging out with old friends. The biggest hurdle for us was the heat. I forgot just how hot and humid it can be in the middle of summer in South Carolina. Midway through the day I was a wreck, but it didn't even matter because wow these photos turned out way too good!

My favorite part of the day had to be after the wedding came to an end. Maybe I shouldn't even say it because technically we were not supposed to, but a bunch of us from the wedding hopped the fence to the pool and swam for a few hours to cool down. So we watched the stars and a distant thunderstorm roll by until, well who knows when. It was the perfect ending to one hell of a day. Even just thinking about it now makes me want to go back to that night where getting out of pool meant being swarmed by mosquitoes.


My Best Friend Is Married & I Brought A Camera | Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina

The title says it all! My best friend, Eric, met the love of his life, Sam, while going through training in the military. He is in the Army Reserves and she's a full time Army girl. He's the first one out of our circle of close friends to get hitched so this was pretty important for all of us. It wasn't just about Eric and Sam, that was a pretty important part, but it was also about all of us getting together for one amazing weekend at Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina. Of course I brought my camera with to capture all of the hilarious moments from the weekend. It was so much fun I can't stop laughing as I look back over the images. There's nothing like getting all of your best friends and family members together to party and celebrate for a few days. We forgot all about work and our normal responsibilities and we just loved every moment we had. That's what a wedding should be! Forget all about the details and the formalities. There's only one reason in my book to have a wedding, and it's to be surrounded by the people you love and care about. That's what I wanted to capture just the people and the moments that brought us all together. Here's a recap of the most ridiculous weekend of 2011!

We finished off the wedding day with a shot of the moon rising as the sun set.