Chicago Proposal with Jenny & Alvin

Here's a little something from Alvin: Jenny and I have been dating for about a year and a half, and as cheesy as it is, we’re totally in love.  We’ve definitely enjoyed having a deep and intimate relationship, and something we’ve constantly said is that we never want to forget this stage of our life, even years into marriage.  Jenny would say over and over again, day after day, that we should take some sort of measure to remember and capture these moments we love so much.  The only issue was that even a year and a half into dating, we never got around to doing it… or so she thought, hence the inspiration to propose using a detailed, illustrative timeline scrapbook I began when we started dating.  We went through it together, reminiscing and laughing, up until the point where she flipped to page that said in big bold letters “Will you marry me?” She was in disbelief, just as I hoped.  After she calmed herself down a little bit, she nodded yes:)  I didn’t want it to end there though.  She’d also fallen in love with the Disney movie, Tangled, and more specifically the wonderful scenes with sky lanterns.  Since we’re also very close to our family and friends, I arranged for everyone to surprise us after the proposal so that we could all make wishes and release sky lanterns together, and we did just that at a nearby beach with our city in the background, creating a beautiful sight.  I couldn’t believe how happy she was!  And finally, since there was always something about riding trolleys that she really liked, I booked a private charter to take us all home.  But before we did, we made one stop… to watch fireworks at Navy Pier, another one of Jenny’s favorite things to do.  I held her in my arms as we enjoyed the show.  All in all, I wanted to spoil her with surprise after surprise, and she absolutely loved it.  I knew she would :)

My Best Friend Is Married & I Brought A Camera | Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina

The title says it all! My best friend, Eric, met the love of his life, Sam, while going through training in the military. He is in the Army Reserves and she's a full time Army girl. He's the first one out of our circle of close friends to get hitched so this was pretty important for all of us. It wasn't just about Eric and Sam, that was a pretty important part, but it was also about all of us getting together for one amazing weekend at Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina. Of course I brought my camera with to capture all of the hilarious moments from the weekend. It was so much fun I can't stop laughing as I look back over the images. There's nothing like getting all of your best friends and family members together to party and celebrate for a few days. We forgot all about work and our normal responsibilities and we just loved every moment we had. That's what a wedding should be! Forget all about the details and the formalities. There's only one reason in my book to have a wedding, and it's to be surrounded by the people you love and care about. That's what I wanted to capture just the people and the moments that brought us all together. Here's a recap of the most ridiculous weekend of 2011!

We finished off the wedding day with a shot of the moon rising as the sun set.