Kaylee & Branden | Wedding | The Blue Dress Barn in MIchigan

I would love to say that I'm going to try and keep this brief, because there's a ridiculous amount of images to look through and of course they do a much better job at showing off the day then I can with words. But I don't want to outright lie to everyone! If you know me then you know I like to talk and there's nothing I like to talk about more then the people, places, and things I photograph. Branden and Kaylee should know that more than most! I went to college with Branden, and we took a some photography classes together. I remember we use to stay up late hanging out, and talking nonsense until Kaylee came home. No she wasn't the voice of reason, she never told us to quiet down and she never told me to go home even if it was 3am. Instead she would come home and dive right into our random nonsense. Their wedding was a mix of the best parts of all of those nights rolled into one. It was filled with laughing, joking, old friends, great food, amazing music, and of course a few drinks! I know Branden and Kaylee wouldn't have had it any other way. So here's to Branden and Kaylee (with a coffee mug in the air) I wish you both the happiest marriage and I know that your life together will be filled with many memories even more beautiful than what I was able to capture for you just a short time ago.


PS - I think I did a pretty decent job at keeping that brief.

Designer / Planner:

Kaylee King-Balentine


Tara Florist


Main Street Dueling Pianos

Hair and Makeup:

Reva Salon

Stationary Design:

Josh Covarrubias


Michigan Street Catering

Ceremony / Reception Venue:

Blue Dress Barn

Wedding Dress:

Monique Lhuillier