Jerusha and Robb's Wedding at The Ravenswood Event Center

I can't get over how great my clients are, especially Jerusha and Robb! I hear about the dreaded Bridezilla and their male equivalents all the time from friends, clients, and other photographers. It got me thinking... I haven't had a single terrible experience. I can't believe how lucky I am to work with couples that are always up for hearing about my newest locations and ideas. It doesn't seem to even matter how ridiculous the idea is, everyone trusts me do my thing. I can't say enough how truly awesome that is! For Jerusha and Robb I didn't have my normal sting of ideas like renting a sail boat or a helicopter for their portrait session (I swear I'm making that happen this year!) but what sets them apart is how they're my ideal couple to work with. Both of them were such a pleasure, laid back, hilarious and awesome, plus they even laugh at my stupid jokes! But I loved their touch on their wedding, they brought in all local people to help, none of those huge cookie cutter organizations had a hand in their wedding. We had Lynn from Pollen Floral Designs, Susie from Pear Tree Jam, and the ridiculously cool desert table was made by Sweet Table Chicago.  They did a lot on their own too, Jerusha spent months finding vintage soda's and straws for everyone to enjoy before the ceremony. Not to mention she was the one that brought everyone together in a perfect combination. Here's the images from their day for everyone to enjoy!