Christina and Jared's Salvage One Wedding in Chicago

This is my first published wedding! It was just featured on Style Me Pretty and I'm honored to be there! I still want to take the time to post it myself in the order that really tells the story of their day. Plus this gives me the opportunity to talk about my experience with the wedding and of course the couple! Every post I talk about how lucky I am. Usually I mean it in terms of the clients I work with, but it's still much more than that. I know that each of my clients are fantastic, but there's something about having a life like this. I've only dreamed about doing 2 things when I grow up. The very first grown up dream I had was becoming an astronomer. Maybe that's a bit boring for a lot of people, but I wanted to know everything about the universe and how it works- so what better way to tackle it than become an astronomer and see it all? One day I found a camera in the woods and everything changed.

I imagine that's how it was for Christina and Jared. The way they look at one another and smile you can tell that there's nothing else that matters. I remember going out for Jared and Christina's engagement photos and thinking that if their wedding is going to be anything like this, it's going to be perfect. Take a look at some of the images,  I don't think I've ever photographed a couple as head over heals in love as Christina and Jared. I mean come on... They even have their own handshake! They're the reason why I love my job. Every week I'm able to photograph a couple on one of the happiest days of their life. It constantly renews my passion for photography! I walked away from their wedding absolutely ecstatic with the images I captured, the only thing I wanted to do was shoot more! Thank you both for bringing me with on such a gorgeous day!