Colorado Road Trip

Back in October I shot an engagement session in Colorado, and of course I used that as a chance to see as much of the state as possible! I had to get to a wedding in North Carolina so I had about a week to camp, hike and explore. I'd say Colorado absolutely gives Washington a run for it's money. There was so much to see and do that I can't wait to get back and see even more. 

For this trip Samuel Luckas Gove, my old studio manager and long time friend, pretended to be a tour guide as we road tripped all over the state!

One Hell of a Year

The title says it all 2016 was an incredible year! Before I get into what happened and how ridiculously great it was, I want to thank all of my amazing clients for trusting me to capture their wedding! 

To start January 11th 2016 was the day that Julia and I moved to Seattle all the way from Chicago. Well technically Julia's dad, Jim, and I drove across the country for an entire week of sightseeing. Julia still had to wrap up one final week of work back in Chicago, so she flew in Friday night. Jim and I managed to drop off the U Haul at the new apartment, grab a pizza and we went out to the airport to pick her up. The plan worked out perfectly (except for that deer we hit in South Dakota)! 

All our adventures began as soon as we moved out to Seattle! This place is incredible, and we ducked out for a hike every chance we got. I've honestly lost count, we've done so many this year. 

Then wedding season kicked in and the traveling started. I've been to 2 countries, and 13 different states all to photograph people in the places they love. That means 15,000 miles have been put on my car and I've hit just under 30,000 on my frequent flyer card. 

In the middle of all the craziness of wedding season we bought our first house in West Seattle! 

In the middle of all the craziness of wedding season we bought our first house in West Seattle! 

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the year!

A Portrait With Heartland Alliance

There's many projects that I work on in collaboration with non-profits. Many of them I can't blog or post about to protect the identity of the participants. My most recent portrait shoot with Heartland Alliance in Chicago is a rare exception. 

Dallas has one amazing story. After going through homelessness, being diagnosed HIV positive, losing an eye to infection, and struggling to pull his life together. He now has his own apartment, his health is in check and he's learning Taekwondo! I spent an afternoon with Dallas to grab a few shots for Heartland Alliance's annual newsletter. 

48 Hours On The Olympic Peninsula

With our big move out to Seattle coming at the end of the year I've been flying back and forth to the PNW nonstop. Last month I had 48 hours of free time. 48 hours where I didn't have anymore meetings and I could go anywhere and do anything! I knew I wanted to do some serious exploring.

It was my first backpacking trip to Olympic National Park about 7 years ago that made me want to move to Seattle to begin with. So I figured I'd head west to Cape Flattery for sunset, South to Shi Shi Beach and Point of Arches for a good Sunrise adventure. Then drive out to La Push, WA to run around Rialto Beach. I could wait there for sunset and the stars. (I ended up grabbing my favorite star photo to date!) That wasn't the end of the journey, I had another sunrise to see and I figured The Hoh Rainforest was the place. After that, there's the 4 hour trip back to Seattle to catch my flight to Chicago. 

I can't wait for the move in December!